Wednesday, January 21, 2009

President Obama

A fellow PCA pastor, Ligon Duncan, has suggested ways to pray for our new President. I've found his words both Biblical and gospel-driven. Please check out his blog, which I found very helpful. Also notice the link in Lig's blog to Al Mohler's of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.


John Edwards said...

I really hope Obama does good, and I will certainly pray for him. I voted for the other guy. I know a lot of church people are scared and worried, but I think God may have had something to do with his rise to power (:

Perry and Robyn, The Granberrys said...

Hi Pastor Bob,
I have not read all lof this yet but was excited to see your mention of Al Mohler and his site, which I will check out. As a recovering Baptist, or should I say "RE-formed", Mohler is one Baptist I still hang onto. The only time I ever heard him in person was at Briarwood and Frank highly reccommended him that night. So I am glad to see that you are also familiar and approve his thinking.
I am enjoying studying the Early Fathers...any good books to reccommend. I just finished a 3 volume set by Jurgens ( a Catholic ), so I probably need something to balance me out!
John 16:33
because He lives,