Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gospel Pipeline and the Waltz--Bunny Hoppers

All Christians Dance! When it comes to a paradigm of Christian growth, all Christians are engaged in a spiritual dance.  Some Christians do the Bunny Hop...a one-step dance.  They seem to reduce the Christian life to a singular element.  Some Bunny Hoppers emphasize striving with all their might..."Try harder!" might be their cry. Other Bunny Hoppers might focus on recommitment.  Others may think the key to spiritual growth in confession or repentance.  Still other Bunny Hoppers might focus on surrender...their cry might be "Let go, let God." Perhaps you are a Bunny Hopper.  There are some elements of Biblical truth to these variations of the Bunny Hop...but none of them present the complete Biblical paradigm of spiritual change. Next time we'll look at those of us who do the Texas Two-Step...

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