Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Man of Faith

I've been thinking a lot during this New Year season about the life of faith. We are called as the followers of Christ to be a people of faith. We are called to trust God, His character and His promises, and not allow fear and doubt to get in the way of believing God to do us good all our days. Abraham was a man of faith. I was reading in Genesis 24 this morning, where Abraham is telling his servant to find a wife for Isaac from among his own countrymen and not from among the unbelieving foreigners. In Genesis 24:7, Abraham believes that his God will give his servant success in finding a believing, faithful wife for Isaac. How often do I fail to believe God to do good things? We can so easily live in fear and doubt when it comes to our children's faith, our spouse's walk with God, our marriages, our own overcoming of sin and temptation...the list never ends. Yet God calls us to be people of faith...not the emptiness of mere "positive thinking," but living in true hope in the promises of God and His good, faithful character. Notice, as well, how a faith-perspective is contagious--in Genesis 24:12, the servant also shows faith in God's steadfast love. This is NOT the word-faith, name-it-claim-it perspective...but a Biblically-based life of faith. Are you believing God to do good to you and to your family today? Ask God to make you a man or woman or child of faith today!

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John Edwards said...

and what is wrong with the word of faith?