Saturday, January 17, 2009

Gospel Pipeline--Waltzing in the Word--Believe

Whenever we read the word, we should hear the Waltz Music. The Scriptures should lead us to repent, but if we only see our sin, we can become discouraged and defeated. The Scriptures should lead us to see our sin only long enough to despair of our own righteousness and ability so that we look afresh to Christ for hope and peace. Therefore, when we read the Word, we should be aware of all there is in the text that points to fresh faith in Christ. Here are some questions I've learned to ask of the passage I'm reading:

Is there some element of the work of Christ revealed in the text I must believe?

Is there a “present value” of the blood of Christ revealed that I must apply to my heart?

Is there a promise of God related to the gospel that I need to appropriate?

Is there a work of the Spirit revealed which I need to hope more fully in?

Is there a revelation of grace that I need to relish revealed by the text?

Is God’s love revealed to me in a fresh way that I need to rest in?

Is there a goodness, kindness or mercy of God that I need to thank Him for?

Is there a revelation of the law as my highest delight that I need to embrace?

Is there a prohibition that I need to acknowledge as a warning keeping me from my
worst nightmare?

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