Monday, January 19, 2009

The Gospel Pipeline--Waltzing in the Word--Fight

When followers of Christ read Scripture, we normally gravitate to a "practical application." What this means is that we often read Scripture only to look for what we must DO or NOT DO. We have already seen that reading Scripture should remind us, at least initially, of how we are failing to live as Jesus lived...the Repent Step. Then Scripture should lead us to fresh faith in Christ by giving us in ever fresh ways, the promises of the Gospel. As we Repent and Believe, Christ is applied to our hearts in a supernatural way and we are promised change...NOW, as a result of the promise of power and change, we are to FIGHT! It's not NIKE Christianity...Just Do It! Instead it is Gospel light of Repentance and Faith...NOW Do It! There are things we are to fight for and fight against, and we are to note these when we read Scripture...
After appropriating the power of the blood, is there a command that I need to obey?

After appropriating the power of the blood, is there a prohibition that I need to heed?

Is there a means of grace that I need to engage in?

Is there a ministry activity that I need to carry out?

Is there an act of love or mercy that I need to follow through on?

Is there a temptation that I need to struggle hard against to overcome?

Is there a battle wit h the world, the flesh or the devil I need to take more seriously?

Is there something revealed about my life for which I need to be held accountable?

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