Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Gospel Pipeline--Waltz Music

So, if the Christian life is a waltz and the three step spiritual dance with Christ transforms us, how does it work? Easy, you need to listen to the music (Doobie Brothers, August Rush...I know some of you will get that; if you don't, no worries, has nothing to do with this blog entry really). Waltz music is playing all around us all the time! The most obvious source of waltz music is Scripture. Every passage exposes our need for Christ. Instead of reading Scripture and immediate thinking of ways you need to "get busy," think of ways the passage is exposing your fallenness and sin. That may sound depressing, but its not! Our joy comes from seeing Christ as our Savior and Deliverer and experiencing His love and power...that happens when Scripture reveals our sin and points us back to our Hope in Christ. You'll also begin to notice that every passage tends to emphasize one element of the waltz, but to properly interpret and apply the passage, all three steps of the waltz must be kept in mind. You'll be surprised, however, how often all three steps of the waltz are in the immediate context of every Bible passage. But waltz music is heard in every Bible Study, every Sunday morning...and through all of life...every relationship, every circumstance. Our need for Christ and the call to repentance and faith is revealed all day, every day. That's the waltz music that leads us to Repent, Believe and Fight. We wake up each morning and we waltz to the music until we hit the pillow at night...and we find ourselves progressively changed by grace!

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