Friday, January 16, 2009

The Gospel Pipeline--Waltzing in the Word

If Scripture is the clearest sound of Waltz music, how do we dance as we read? We ask questions of the text according to each of the Three Steps. When it comes to the Repent Step of the Waltz, these questions have been helpful to me:

Is the Spirit exposing a heart attitude through the text that I need to repent of?

Is the Spirit exposing a wrong behavior through the passage that I must confess?

Is there something wrong that I’ve thought, said, done that is revealed in the text?

Is there something that I’ve left unsaid or undone that is revealed by the passage?

Is there some area of unbelief that is being pointed out by the Spirit?

Is there a heart-change and/or life-change God is calling me to make I’m resisting?

Is there a “fruit” sin exposed that is leading me to acknowledge a “root” sin in life?

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