Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Thon at Penn State

Penn State Dance Marathon (The Thon) 48 hours straight of dancing that raises money for helping battle childhood cancer. Here's what one sorority girl had to say about her experience some years ago...

"By hour 30, my head falls; gravity has won. A sob begins deep in my gut, pushes up thru my chest, briefly catches in my throat and finally forces itself thru my lips. My head lowered, I clench my eyes and fists angrily, fighting to stop the tears.

After a few seconds, I release my fingers and slowly open my eyes, only to see two little red Nike sneakers touching the tips of my worn-out aerobic shoes...Blinking quickly, I focus to see two deep, brown eyes staring up at me. Clad in worn Toughskins and a huge yellow T-shirt that is hanging below his knees, a wide-eyed boy studies me intently.

I immediately notice that all of his hair is somehow tucked under a faded Phillies baseball cap. With a second glance, however, I see that there is not hair on his head to tuck under. His cheeks are swollen slightly and dotted with a red rash. But his physical features are swallowed by a look of concern in his eyes.

'Hi. Are you Okay?' he asks. Before I can attempt an answer, a heavy-set woman comes to his side, gently takes his hand and smiles at me. 'You're Stacie?' she asks. As I nod my head slowly, she embraces her son and holds him closer to me, almost as if to give me a better look. 'Thank you for giving me more time with my son.' With that, she drops to her knees and begins massaging my calves."

That's what it's all about, folks. Love your neighbor as yourself.


JDB said...

Ok. As if I didn't cry enough already today. Thank for sharing that. :-)

john john said...

I have had 2 kids with this is awesome