Monday, February 1, 2010

How BIG is Your World?

Yesterday during worship we sang Matt Redman's popular and powerful song, You Never Let Go. It was Global Mission's Sunday at Oak Mountain Church, and before the Pastoral Prayer I commented that Redman's song really does have a strong tie to Global Missions. The point of the song is that we, as Christ-followers, no matter where we go or what we face, we need not fear any evil because our God is near us, He is for us and He will never let us go. If we fail to believe those great truths however, we will end up living like orphans in this life...

Think about how an orphan if there is no one to depend upon except themselves...self-protective mechanisms shift into high gear...the size of the world shrinks so that the only world that matters is the world of becomes a dog-eat-dog world...get all you can for yourself because no one else cares about you.

When I fail to believe that the God of Heaven is favorably disposed toward me and pours forth all of His goodness and power toward me even when I am in difficulty, then I don't really have the energy to care about the rest of the world...the fate of the nations isn't really on my radar screen.

However, as I rest in the Father's love and care for me as an adopted child in His family, I can become progressively freed from my orphan mentality and not be so self-absorbed or self-consumed. I can become freed from self-concern and begin to be concerned about world soul's "radio station" is no longer tuned to "WBOB...All Bob ALL the Time!" but instead I can actually begin to care about the nations.

So...sometime today, listen to Matt Redman's song...let the truths wash over your orphan soul...and ask God to increase the size of the world you live in...a world bigger than my 6 foot 1 inch frame...a world that encompasses all the nations of the earth! Because the fact is, there are billions who long to know the promises rehearsed in the song, "You Never Let Go!"

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