Monday, October 5, 2009


Because of the Fall, because of our brokenness, we are all thirsty in this life. We may not even recognize our thirst, but it's there. It's built into our souls. We ARE a thirsty people. What we thirst for, ultimately, is Christ. The heart demands a drink that only Jesus can serve up. That drink is Himself, poured into our hearts by His Spirit (see John 7:38).

We can drink deeply of Christ, free of charge, without cost (see Isaiah 55:1-2). However, if we fail to drink of Christ, we will STILL drink...we will always live in such a way as to attempt to quench our thirst. If we don't drink of Christ and the promises of grace contained in the Gospel, we will seek drink elsewhere.

We are a people that so easily ignore the Gospel and go after other wells (see Jeremiah 2:13). Those "other wells" are also called idols. An idol is not a statue of wood or gold in our day. An idol is simply anything we pursue in an attempt to secure a pain-free life. An idol is any "drink" we pour ourselves in an attempt to cope with life apart from Christ. Think through a list of all the idols you are tempted to pursue.

Throughout the day today, we WILL drink...and we will constantly be on the look out for things to quench our thirst. The question is, will we drink of Him Who Satisfies; or will we drink of that which is like a mouthful of salt-water...drinks that just magnify and increase our thirst, leaving us frustrated?


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