Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Daniel's Priorities, My Priorities??

I've been reading through Daniel...what a book! What a man! Ultimately, of course, what a GOD behind the man!! Daniel 9 reveals the means of grace through which God grabbed Daniel's heart: Daniel 9:1-2--He read and understood the Scriptures. It's interesting that Daniel knew Jeremiah's words were Scripture just as Peter knew Paul's words were Scripture. If we want to experience the power of grace, we must spend time in the Word!
Daniel 9:3-19--Daniel was a man of prayer.
The Word of God and prayer--the means of grace that God uses to change our lives.
Daniel 6--Daniel was so committed to the necessity and importance of prayer that he risked his life to engage in it! How come I struggle to risk even re-arranging 30 minutes of my day to engage in it?!
May we all seek grace from God that we might be a people of the Word and prayer...hmmm, interesting that the early church sought to follow the same priorities--Acts 2:42!

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john john said...

I ma truly sorry that Penn State fell to Iowa again.