Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Snap! CRACKLE? Pop!

There's a video being sent around among followers of Christ. It's a good video. It's a moving video. It's a video blog by Penn Jillette, half of a very popular comedy/illusionist team in Las Vegas. In his video blog, Crackle, Penn talks about being given a Gideon New Testament and Psalms by a guy who had seen his show. It's a powerful video. Why? Because Penn, who calls himself an atheist, is visibly moved by the "goodness and sane-ness" of this guy who gives him a Bible. He says, as an avowed atheist, that you must really be filled with hatred for humanity if you believe that faith in Christ, or not, impacts other peoples' eternal destiny, yet you do not kindly and compassionately share Christ with others. It's rare to hear an atheist talk like this. Most of the time the world tells Christians that to open our mouths to others about our faith is obnoxious...and unfortunately, the Church has beleived the lie. Penn says that if a truck were speeding toward an unsuspecting pedestrian and you see it coming, at some point, you tackle the guy...then he says something a lot more important is happening if we believe faith in Christ impacts eternity. Love for others, he basically says, demands that followers of Christ find ways, in word and deed, to share their faith. Funny...I think God already told us that. But check out the video anyway.

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