Friday, September 28, 2012

Who is REALLY Narrow Minded?

It is unfortunate and tragic that the unbelieving world tends to look at Christ-followers as “narrow minded.” Ironically, in my conversations with atheists and agnostics, as well as with others who follow other religions, I’ve found that non-Christians can be very close-minded. However, believers are not beyond the temptation to close our minds to other perspectives either. One of the elements of the song, “Dream Within Your Dreams” on Michael Flayhart’s debut album to be released on Tuesday, October 2 (see, is that he challenges narrow mindedness…and I love the creative way he does so. He is dialoguing with Edgar Allen Poe, who “had a lot of bad days,” and asks the question: if our life is not what it seems, could it be our perspective that needs to be challenged? The song contains these lines: “If life’s not what is seems, you might/Be looking at it from an angle/That’s got no degrees.” An angle with no degrees. Hmmm. Quite a picture, huh. In other words, “Broaden your horizon…open your mind to other possibilities.” One of our most stubborn faults as fallen humanity is that we tend to despair “when our hope is lost” and fail to believe that we “can catch it crossing” our path again. We can begin to look at life from an angle that’s go no degrees. How is your life not what you think it should be today? How might it be the case that your angle of perspective is closed…that there are no degrees of consideration in your perspective?

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