Wednesday, May 27, 2009

When God Speaks

I've been reading "The Spiritual Secrets of George Muller." He was an amazing man of prayer in the 1800's in England. He started an orphanage and only ever prayed for God's provision without ever asking people for anything. He is known for being a man of prayer, yet read what he said about the Bible: "When we pray to God, we speak to God; but when we read the Scriptures, God speaks to us; and THIS is what we so much need."

It is the Bible that is the living word of God and supernatural as it works in our hearts.

Here are two tools I would encourage you to consider. 1) A Bible reading plan that gets you in the OT, Gospels, Epistles and Psalms/Proverbs every day. 2) Waltzing in the Word--a plan for how to APPLY what you read.

Is the Spirit exposing a heart attitude through the text that I need to repent of?

Is the Spirit exposing a wrong behavior through the passage that I must confess?

Is there something wrong that I’ve thought, said, done that is revealed in the text?

Is there something that I’ve left unsaid or undone that is revealed by the passage?

Is there some area of unbelief that is being pointed out by the Spirit?

Is there a heart-change and/or life-change God is calling me to make I’m resisting?

Is there a “fruit” sin exposed that is leading me to acknowledge a “root” sin in life?

Is there some element of the work of Christ revealed in the text I must believe?

Is there a present value of the blood of Christ revealed that I must apply to my heart?

Is there a promise of God related to the gospel which I need to appropriate?

Is there a work of the Spirit revealed which I need to hope more fully in?

Is there a revelation of grace that I need to relish revealed by the text?

Is God’s love revealed to me in a fresh way that I need to rest in?

Is there a goodness, kindness or mercy of God that I need to thank Him for?

Is there a revelation of the law as my highest delight that I need to embrace?

Is there a prohibition that I need to acknowledge as a warning against a nightmare?

After appropriating the power of the blood, is there a command that I need to obey?

After appropriating the power of the blood, is there a prohibition that I need to heed?

Is there a means of grace that I need to engage in?

Is there a ministry activity that I need to carry out?

Is there an act of love or mercy that I need to follow through on?

Is there a temptation that I need to struggle hard against to overcome?

Is there a battle wit h the world, the flesh or the devil I need to take more seriously?

Is there something revealed about my life for which I need to be held accountable?

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