Sunday, March 15, 2009

Life in the Spirit

Reading this morning in Romans 8-9, I was reminded of Paul's teachings on the Person of the Holy Spirit. He intercedes for us. He helps us in our weaknesses. He is the Spirit of adoption by Whom we cry, "Abba!" He is the Spirit of life who sets us free. Do we emphasize the life in the Spirit as we ought in the Church today? I think not!

At Oak Mountain we emphasize the waltz (the dance with a partner involving 3 basic steps) ...which is really the paradigm of the Spirit-filled life. Walking in the Spirit involves regular, immediate acknowledgment, admission and confession of sin, along with an honest confession that we are as helpless to change our hearts in transformation as we were to renew our hearts at conversion.

Then the waltz leads us to believe afresh in believe anew in our justified standing before God and our adopted status as beloved sons and daughters through our union with Christ. But the believe step also calls us to hope in the present, transforming power of the Blood of Christ for change at the particular point of our repentance. Christian growth is supernatural!

Then, expecting the promise of the gospel to be fulfilled in us, with new zeal and passion we engage in the Fight step of the waltz. Realizing because of the work of The Spirit, our wills are being renewed, we choose to say yes to righteousness and no to sin. This is the Spirit-filled life!

We must be careful...the Spirit-filled life is not merely due to the principle of the is primarily due to the Person of the Spirit. It is not DOCTRINE that changes us, but a Person! Waltzing is how we experience the Personal Presence of the Transforming Spirit.

We are not brains on a stick...we are people. Philosophy doesn't change us...even Waltz philosophy...a Person does...and that Person is the Holy Spirit of Christ!

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John and Sue Burch said...

Bob - Almost 10 years ago, you and Laurie came to Brisbane to be used of the Lord in the lives of us and the other pastors and wives. What an awesome visit of the Holy Spirit that weekend through you. We continue to be blessed by that time and thanks for the reminder again of the waltz!!! I share that with many in my time with people and have passed it along again to the iLead Program folks here in PR. Tenga un buen domingo y tiempo con Dios! Sue Burch