Thursday, September 18, 2008


I was reading in the book of Job yesterday...when we face incredible pain and suffering, why is it that our default perspective is that we must have done something to tick God off? And why is our second thought often, "What do I need to do or how do I need to change that will get me out of this fix?" We're so often just like Job's friends...we still hold to a theology that says if we're good, we will prosper and be comfortable, and if we're struggling it must be due to sin. We just can't seem to handle a God that is so big that He might actually make suffering part of the plan to soften us toward others and transform us internally and help us to hunger for Him more. It is in times of pain and suffering that our true belief (or unbelief!) in the gospel is revealed. Its easy to say we believe in the truth of grace when things are going well...but do we really take our stand in Christ's righteousness when our worlds are coming apart? How often are we like the disciples: "Jesus, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?"


Anonymous said...

brennan manning says basically the same thing. that God allows our suffering to make us tender towards the sufferings and failures of others. you both are so right.true for me anyway.

JNoah said...

Dangit, Bob has a blog now! Great, that means NOBODY will read mine anymore. Why is the whole world against me? I suffer so much!

Hey man, welcome to the world of blogs.

Beth Buckner said...

Bob ~ I love your blog and especially this part on Job and the suffering bit!
I thank God for you and your amazing ability to make things so clear and to point.
Thanks for doing this - another opportunity for me to have truth!

Ashley said...

I have been clinging to that same truth that Larry Crabb also points out in the book "Shattered Dreams"... what a great reminder.
Thanks Bob and welcome to the blogging world! I use to think it was cheesey.. but now I have fully embraced it.. ha!

John said...

Hey Bob, there is a way to blog more often and more easily from your iphone if you want. Each blog can have a unique email address you email too.

I want to hear more about I Cor. here. There is way more than you can cover on Sunday morning.

John P.